Below, families and students will find information regarding:


Student Volunteer Opportunities

Every month a list of volunteer opportunities will be noted on our website.  Volunteering is a great way for our students to give back to the community.  It also assists students in grade 10 to 12 with listed opportunities to complete their annual volunteer hours.  Please email Mr. Targa with details of volunteer opportunities at rtarga@redeemer.ab.ca.

         We are looking for 4 volunteers to be greeters from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., and we were hoping that there may be some students that would like to get   

         some volunteer hours through this event.  The event is taking place at the Canmore Miners’ Union Hall in conjunction with the St. Michael’s “Kids Stuff   

         Sale”.  Please get in touch with Patricia though the below contacts: 

         Patricia de Boer

         BVECDC Coordinator


         403 815-3238

How Parents / Families Can Volunteer At OLS

We are very fortunate at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy to have many great parent/guardian volunteers.  Your gifts of time and talent are a blessing to our school and our students.  Christ the Redeemer School District has policies regarding volunteering in our schools.  These policies assist in making the school and volunteers aware of their responsibilities. It also ensures the safety of our students.  All volunteers (both current and in the future) are required to complete a Volunteer Application Form and a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement on an annual basis which will be approved by Mr. Behm.  Before completing the required forms we ask that all volunteers review the Volunteer Orientation PowerPoint.  All the forms and Powerpoint can be accessed through the links below.  Completed forms are to be submitted to our office.  If you have any questions or seek clarification please contact Mr. Puurunen at (403) 609-3699 ext. 224 or e-mail him at ppuurunen@redeemer.ab.ca.

Thank you to all current volunteers for the time you are spending in our school and encourage all parents and guardians to volunteer when the call goes out to assist.  We look forward to seeing you in Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy.

Volunteering Links:

Volunteer Orientation Powerpoint

Volunteer Driver Authorization and Driver Abstract - for driving students in privately owned vehicles

Volunteer Application Form and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement - for working with students under the supervision of a teacher

Volunteer Guidelines and Forms for Overnight Trips - for overnight field trips

Volunteer Guidelines and Forms for Working Unsupervised with Students - for working unsupervised with students