January 2018 Exam Schedule for Grade 9 to 12 Students

Grade 7 to 9 Students

Students in year round courses do not have scheduled end of semester one exams.  Teachers will have midterm tests and exams during their regular class times throughout the month of January.  Teachers will also ensure that these tests and exams are spread out so students will have plenty of time to focus on one test or exam at a time.  Teachers will give out this information to students well in advance.  The dates for Grade 9 students writing Provincial Assessment Tests (PAT’s) in January are noted below.  Students are expected to be in school every day during the month of January.  

Grade 10 to 12 Students

Regular classes for students in Grades 10 to 12 will finish on Monday, January 22nd, 2018.  Exams for these students will begin on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 and continue until Tuesday, January 30th, 2018.  Exams will be written in the morning adhering to the schedule below.  Students will also be able to attend structured review and study sessions prior to them writing their next exam.  We encourage students to come to school and attend the review and study sessions in order to address any questions or difficulties they might be experiencing.

To get a Calendar copy of the January 2018 Exam Schedule click on the following LINK.

To get a January 2018 Room Schedule for Exams click on the following LINK.