OLS Mission Dominican Valbella Gourmet Foods Fundraiser

Students from Our Lady of the Snows will be partaking in an exciting Leadership & Volunteer program in the Dominican Republic as part of a different kind of spring break in April 2019. The program, Empowering Children in the Dominican Republic, is hosted by EF Tours. The goal of this travel opportunity is to help our students realize their full potential through leadership, education and development. Students will be working side by side with locals, gaining insight into the challenges they face and build lasting solutions to help empower the community. Projects include: tutoring local students in English, educating village members about community health issues and mentoring children in the community through after-school activities and programs.

Please consider supporting them by participating in the Valbella Gourmet Foods Fundraiser! All proceeds will go towards offsetting the costs for students to all. Thank-you in advance!

Click on the LINK for a copy of the order form.